Hempnord is a brand that has brought together enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge of hemp products and their vast potential to improve our physical and mental health. We are based in the Baltic States, where people have long known about hemp and have been able to appreciate it, so love for this plant is natural in us.

Our main goal is to offer quality, tested and natural products so that everyone can personally see the undeniable potential of the hemp plant to have a positive impact on our daily lives. Only specially selected and self-tested CBD products are offered under the Hempnord brand. We want our customers to get the best that is available in Europe. Everything is tested in independent laboratories (certificates available) and comes from reliable, proven suppliers. Customer health and safety is our top priority. With efficient CBD product development, we are able to offer prices that are affordable for everyone without saving at the expense of quality.

Our goals are not limited to the supply of CBD goods only. The Hempnord team is working to educate the public about hemp products so that they become an everyday part of our lives. We regularly publish educational articles on the website, in the Blog section. We are open for consultations, discussions and trainings. Only by working together will we be able to create a better world and therefore we make every effort to ensure that our existing and potential customers have the most positive shopping and product experience.

Hempnord - it is high product quality, knowledge that is constantly improved, high-quality customer service and affordable price.

Have a hemp day! ☺

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